Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep the cocktails?

Each of our cocktails can be stored unopened for 1-3 years as they do not contain perishable ingredients. However, our cocktails contain vermouth and bitters, and the flavour may change naturally when stored for longer periods. As such, we recommend consuming within 18-24 months. To avoid spoilage, please keep away from heat or direct sunlight.

For a perfect pour, each of our cocktails should be chilled and gently shaken before serving. See the label for serving instructions.

Are these cocktails the same as what I buy in bars?

Our cocktails are expertly crafted to play with the flavours and textures we feel are most important in each cocktail whilst remaining true to the original recipe. Both for your enjoyment, and to ensure we pay proper homage to each cocktail's history and context. As such, we strive to guarantee that enjoying our cocktails at home or about will meet and surpass any bar experience.

How alcoholic are each cocktail?

The alcohol content (both in terms of Standard Drinks and Alcohol by Volume) are available on each product page. We believe in strong drinks, and you will notice that our cocktails are not watered-down or diminished in any way.

How many servings are each cocktail?

Our 20cl bottles contain 2 serves, and our 50cl bottles contain 5 serves. Very slight differences due to evaporation and spillage may occur.

I'm new to cocktails, or giving them as a gift, where should I start?

Each of our cocktails are one of the "classics," dating back to the turn of the 20th century, the Golden Age of cocktails, represented by a stronger and nuanced drinking experience.

We recommend:

  • If you prefer something sweeter, the No.1 Old Fashioned is a great starter and all-round pleaser.
  • If you enjoy gin, floral and citrus flavours, our No.2 Gin Martini is an award finalist and a fine gift or a powerful way to start your cocktail adventure.
  • And lastly, if you prefer bitter, tart and herbal flavours, the No.3 Negroni Classico is a truthful rendition on the favourite.

Are your products gluten-free or vegan-friendly?

Yes, gluten and animal products are not used in the production of our cocktails.

How does Privée compare to other cocktail makers?

Privée is a fully independent business and not a subsidiary of an existing bar or distiller. This awards us the freedom to select the ingredients from sources we feel are best for each cocktail without being limited by range. This allows us to work with local distillers and makers to guarantee an unparalleled cocktail experience.

Can I stock Privée in my store or business?

Yes, please see our wholesale page for more information.

Can I order customised bottles for an event or as corporate gifts?

Yes, we are able to offer label customisation as part of our wholesale process. Please see our wholesale page for more information.