Negroni Classico

Negroni Classico

Digestivo. “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you, they balance each other.” — Oscar Wilde

The Privée ready-to-drink Negroni combines bright Australian botanicals with black cherry and sweet vanilla accents to deliver a distinguished Negroni to answer the soul.

Negroni Classico
Re-forge a bond that was there all along. Recount your choices, trace your steps. A playful glance answers unspoken questions.
Negroni Classico

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Pour directly over ice. A wedge of orange in the drink lifts the citrus flavours. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes before consumption for best results.


Piles of Salt and Pepper Tofu. Raspberry Sorbet in a waffle cone. Ragù on spaghetti buffet. Capocollo and Green Apple skewers. Baked Vegan Cashew-Brie & Agave on toast.


Ounce ‘Signature’ Gin; Campari; Antica Formula.

Volume Serves Alcohol by Volume Standard Drinks
20cl / 200ml 2 serves 21% ABV 3.3 std. drinks
50cl / 500ml 5 serves 21% ABV 8.1 std. drinks

Drink responsibly.
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